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ABOUT JUST!JOSH                            


  JUST!JOSH (real name Josh Rowe) is a 20 year old musician, songwriter, composer and Author originally from Swindon, England currently studying a BA Honours Popular Music Degree at University. 

  He has played the piano since the age of 11, and has intermittently played, Saxophone, Clarinet & as of 2021 the Ukulele. In 2020 he began releasing music under the name Josh Rowe (his real name), but changed to JUST!JOSH by the end of the year.

  Outside of music, Josh loves to play football and Tennis. He had previously played for Swindon Town Pre-Academy as a goalkeeper and competed at the World Youth Cup (Gothia Cup) twice. He currently plays Tennis for his university men's 2nd team and is a qualified Level 2 Tennis coach & football referee.

  JUST!JOSH's own music mostly consists of solo piano, with the intention to help the listener relax or focus & study.

  His first track, Through The Clouds was released in June 2020, His single The Natural World is his most successful, as of July 2022 it has garnered over 6,000 streams across all platforms. 

  In 2021 Josh gained over 7.5k streams across all his releases, and hopes to improve upon that into 2022, where he is aiming to release his debut EP.

In addition to this he also composes music for ensemble, and has began writing music for film and TV during the latter end of 2021.

As well as this Josh has also written a book called Re-Harmonized containing 14 of his original compositions in a variety of genres and styles, including Finding Freedom which he released in 2022 as part of a collaboration with the YCC (Young Composers Community).


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