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Award-winning music composer, neo-classical pianist and songwriter JUST!JOSH (Josh Rowe) headshot photo

Multi-award-winning music composer, neo-classical pianist and songwriter Josh (JUST!JOSH) Rowe believes music should always capture a mood, evoke emotions and create a narrative for the listener, and he believes in transporting the listener into the world where the music transpires. 


In his work as a Film/TV & Game composer, Josh's music expresses both stories that the audience can visualise on screen and those that can only be discovered through the music itself. Since turning professional in 2023, Josh has worked with award-winning directors and companies, with him & his work having been described as "absolutely amazing", "thoroughly impressive" and "an absolute privilege to work with".


As a Neo-Classical piano artist, he has captivated audiences with his unique stories that traverse the narrative of his music, none more prominently than in his debut studio album Stories Of A Forgotten Past. His performances alike have achieved a similar response, being reviewed as "masterful", "very touching" and having "fantastic audience interaction".

Josh began his musical journey when he was 11 years old and started learning the keyboard before transferring to piano aged 15. His love of writing and performing music was instantaneous and throughout his teenage years he became accomplished at both, winning the Swindon Music Festival on Keyboard 4 years in a row, touring Italy with his music, and becoming a pit band regular in multiple musical productions. 

Josh attended the University of Gloucestershire between 2020-2023 and graduated with a First Class degree. He was also awarded the UoG's Music Business & Enterprise Prize for the outstanding contributions his work and his work has had on the music industry regionally, nationally and internationally. Studying an all-around course in Popular Music allowed him to become accomplished in composing, songwriting, and performing, all whilst learning vital music production skills that he could carry into his professional career. 

Some of the projects Josh has worked on include: working as a composer across Film, TV, Animation and Video Games. This includes working on Royal Television Society Award-Winning documentary I'll Just Have Cats, with multi-award winning director Kay Proctor; writing the full score for Underwater FPS video game KILL CRAB which won multiple awards at COMX 2023 and has received 'very positive' reviews on Steam; and psychological horror Mama's Boy with award-winning director Laura Makai. He has also released 20 songs/tracks and other music which have garnered over 100,000 streams on all platforms including his aforementioned debut studio album Stories Of A Forgotten Past. Additionally, Josh also created 2 Podcast Mini-Series; worked with major organisations across the UK including Gloucestershire Music, Severn Arts, West Midlands Music and Music Mark; and released 2 sheet music books of his original compositions called Mis-Match and Re-Harmonized.

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