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  • What Is JUST!JOSH - Sports Composer?
    JUST!JOSH - Sports Composer is a new and exciting solo project from multi-media composer and neo-classical pianist JUST!JOSH (Josh Rowe). It aims to provide value to sporting events by creating exclusive music that can become a part of a sport/event's unique sonic branding.
  • Why Does My Sport/Event Need Music?
    Music has always been an integral part of sport and tracks like FIFA's 'Living Football' theme created by Hans Zimmer to Formula 1's new theme composed by Brian Tyler are examples of some of the most famous. It is an essential part of creating a unique sonic branding for your sport/event that is instantly recognisable to all fans, from the most casual to the most hardcore. By working with a professional music composer (such as Josh) he can help to craft music that is exclusive to you and your sport and can be a prominent feature in marketing your sport/event to audience's across the globe. To read more about the importance of music in your sporting event check out
  • Why Should I Collaborate With Josh For My Sport/Event?
    Josh is an "exceptionally talented" composer, with a history of creating high-quality music and being able to effortlessly adapt to the needs & wants of his collaborators (i.e. you). He has been praised for his professionalism and his compositional ability, with 100% of his previous collaborators being highly-satisfied with his communication and the quality of his music throughout the entirety of their projects. His plaudits have noted Josh and his music as "absolutely amazing", "thoroughly impressive" and "an absolute privilege to work with". To read full reviews from Josh's previous collaborations, check out them out at Additionally, Josh has always maintained a love for sports, and despite pursuing a career in music, JUST!JOSH - Sports Composer is a way to combine his two major passions and give high-quality value back to an industry he once worked in. Still unsure in working with Josh on your project? Feel free to contact him at where he will be happy to discuss any ideas you may have with him.
  • What Genres/Styles Of Music Does Josh Compose?
    Josh can write music for your channel in any genre/style you need. He has written music before in a wide range of styles and is able to adapt to match the needs of your project whilst specialising in writing neo-classical piano and epic orchestral-based music.
  • What Types Of Music Tracks Can Be Created For My Sport/Event?
    There are many types of tracks that can be created for your sporting event. These include: General Sport Theme, Main Broadcasting Theme, Main Event Theme, Walk-Out Theme, Medal/Victory Ceremony Music, Underscore/Recap Music and more. For more information about what each track type is, and how it can benefit your sporting event, check out
  • How Much Does This Service Cost?
    Each project is unique! The price of it can be determined by a number of factors such as: the amount of tracks needed, the length of each track, the amount of instruments used per track etc... As such there is a large amount of flexibility on what a project will cost. Please feel free to contact Josh via email and he will be more than happy to discuss this all with you.
  • I Have A Limited Budget, Can I Still Work With You?
    Yes, of course. The budget of smaller sports & events should never be a barrier to creating a unique sonic branding to help propel you forward in the industry. Whilst consideration may need to be taken to ensure the time spent on the music is representative of the budget, whilst still providing you with high-quality music (i.e. by creating less tracks/shorter tracks for your event), there is always an option for you to work with Josh on a limited budget. For further information, please contact Josh via email where he will be happy to discuss any queries you may have.
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