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My name is JUST!JOSH and I believe in creating music that not only intrigues but excites and inspires viewers across the globe, from the most casual of fans to the die-hard lovers of a particular channel. Content creators have become an indispensable part of life for millions of individuals across the world, and the music used is often an integral part of these channels. By working closely with individuals & collaborators to match their needs, wants and desires, I can interpolate their exciting ideas creatively and innovatively to compose original music that can become their sonic branding. A clear and unique sonic brand can help to stir new interest in a YouTuber/content creator that was never thought possible.


Having bespoke music for a channel doesn't have to be a luxury reserved for only the biggest channels out there, but also smaller channels that are just beginning to grow & flourish. Music can help these smaller channels stand out from the ever-growing crowd of over 114 million active channels on YouTube, Twitch and other platforms. This can give a channel its own unique identity that can garner new fans and re-animate existing fans to create a new-found love for the content creator.

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