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Composer and pianist JUST!JOSH first started learning piano when he was 11 years old, having first been introduced to the idea when he started at secondary school in 2013. Having garnered a love for the instrument through his early teenage years he decided in 2018 to further pursue an interest in composing, citing Ludevico Einaudi and Hans Zimmer among others as his inspirations, hoping to follow in their minimalist yet contemporary style of composition.

Josh released his first track in the summer of 2020, called Through The Clouds and has so far released 7 singles to date, including 1 (Finding Freedom) in collaboration with the YCC (Young Composers Community) in early 2021. He is continuing to release music, with 2 of his most recent tracks Daybreak and The Natural World being his 2 most successful yet, and is planning on releasing his debut EP sometime in 2022.

Outside of his releases Josh has also released his first book Re-Harmonized: For Intermediate Piano at the beginning of 2021 and hopes to release more books in the future.

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