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My name is JUST!JOSH and I believe in creating music that not only intrigues but excites and inspires sporting fans across the globe, from the most casual of fans to the die-hard lovers of a particular team/sport. Sport is an integral part of life and living a healthy lifestyle and music is an essential aspect of sport. By working closely with companies & collaborators to match their needs, wants and desires, I can interpolate their exciting ideas creatively and innovatively to compose original music that can become a company’s sonic branding. A clear and unique sonic brand can help to stir new interest in a sport/event that was never thought possible.


Music has always impacted the atmosphere of a sporting occasion in multiple ways. Sometimes songs are incorporated into sports (such as England Rugby’s ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ or West Ham FC’s ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’) or original themes created for sports (such as FIFA’s new theme written by Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe, or Formula 1’s new theme composed by Brian Tyler) which excite fans both watching an event live, and on TV at home.


One example of a sport that incorporates music well into its events is Cricket, with the ICC Test Championship Final being their spearhead event for all die-hard cricket fans. In 2021 the ICC commissioned several tracks to be written for it, with the main tracks being the ‘Intro Music’ and ‘Scorecard Music’. Both of these tracks inspired a wave of excitement for the event, and many regard it as some of the best cricket music ever, giving the event (and the sport itself) another talking point. This is the power of music!


However, music in sporting events doesn’t have to stop at ‘mainstream’ sports such as Football, Tennis, Basketball & Cricket etc… which are watched by millions around the globe, but also more minor sports that are just beginning to grow & flourish. One example is a range of disability sports, and I have loved watching the progression of these sports over the past few years, seeing how inclusive sports can truly be. Music can help these smaller sports stand out from the ever-growing crowd of over 8,000 recognised sports & millions of events around the globe annually, and give an event its own unique identity that can garner new fans and re-animate existing fans to create a new-found love for the sport.

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