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Josh also has worked on a number of other projects not associated with his main body of work and some of them are listed below here. Click on any of the links to go to their respective websites/pages


Unofficially Eurovision is a podcast hosted by Josh that was established in 2022 all about the Eurovision Song Contest. 

On the show, Josh has a guest each episode in which they can talk about their work and play a number of mini-games, all leading to a final episode score and overall leaderboard. The winner of season 1 was British Singer-Songwriter Aaron Sibley. 

It was initially created as a mini-series but has since been considered for a second series, starting at some point in late 2023/early 2024.


Josh has currently written 2 books, both of which are sheet music books, and both contains his own original compositions aimed at intermediate level piano players. 

    Mis-Match was written in January 2020, when he was just 17 years old, and was intended as his first 'adventure' into the world of composing music. Whilst intended as a project for fun, he was able to sell his book to piano teachers he knew locally, who used it throughout their lessons at grade 2-3 level.

    Re-Hamonized was his second book. Released in April 2021 it was written more as a selection of pieces that he would enjoy playing, but still containing in a wide range of genres to attract all types of pianists. It was aimed at grades 4-5 level, and by taking all the best parts of Mis-Match and improving upon them, he was able to create a much more coherent project.

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