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COMX 2023 - Video Game Event

On Friday I was lucky enough to attend COMX 2023, an annual event held in Cheltenham for up-and-coming video games & video games programmers/designers/artists etc...

No, I'm not thinking of a career change this early on - I was invited because I had worked on a video game called KILL CRAB as the music composer.

KILL CRAB is a western-style first-person shooter where the objective of the game is to destroy the giant goldfish - The Nugget Nibbler - who's been breaking havoc over the underwater western town that the game is set in.

It's been amazing to watch the process of making a video game from start to finish and I loved seeing the game in action at the event, and meeting the entire team for the first time! The game looked amazing, as did all the others that were involved. There were more than 10 brand new games to try out plus loads more activities throughout the day, and hundreds-upon-hundreds of people attended. It was great to meet so many incredibly talented people across the event; I even got an amazing new T-shirt and an inflatable crab as a present, what more could you wish for?


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