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Released: 20th January 2023

The Lonely Waltz is the first single released by JUST!JOSH in 2023, and one of his shortest pieces to date at 1:48 in length.

The track tells the story of living with dementia, and how in the latter years of a person's life they are slowly dance their final 'lonely waltz'. The first half of the piece was inspired by Josh seeing his grandad suffer with dementia but see how it would always seem to remember music (he also played piano) and how it would take him a few extra seconds to remember the music for each piece he tried to play. The second half of the track was inpired after conversations with Gloucestershire based charity Mindsong and shows the descent often seen in patients as their memories completely fade and they head into their end of life stages.

The Lonely Waltz released on Friday 20th January and is also the first single from Josh's debut studio album Stories Of A Forgotten Past.

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