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Released: 13th June 2020

Through The Clouds was the first track released by Josh under the artist name JUST!JOSH and was written and recorded during his time at college in early 2020. Originally planned as part of an EP release (alongside other tracks Serenity and Daybreak) as part of his Music Production & Performance college courses, it was halted due to the Covid-9 pandemic. However despite this, he decided to try releasing Through The Clouds on streaming platforms in June 2020.

"The inspiration behind the track was imagining a journey through the golden sky, alight with the gaze of the morning sun, traversing the landscape onto the next adventure. This was mirrored to my current feelings and emotions, as when writing this track, I too was getting ready for my next journey (specifically heading off to University), with a very limited idea of what I wanted to do (I had only recently decided to pursue music, over my other main passion in life, sport)" - Josh.

There were two tracks on this single, the main track Through The Clouds which was 5:05 in length, and a Through The Clouds - Shortened Version which stood at only 2:24 in length.

Cover Art Designed By: Will Gilbert Music

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