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Below is a list of music track types that can be created for your sporting event. This is to give you an idea of how music is used within sporting events.

Please note - the track examples listed are not tracks Josh has written himself. They are merely to show how some of the biggest sports in the world are using music in their events to give you inspiration as to how original music may be used in your own sonic branding.

General Sport Theme Music

Whilst most of the music in this list is often employed for a specific event, a ‘general sport theme’ is a piece of music composed for the entire sport as a whole, or the entire sport in one country, and helps to give the sport it’s own unique sonic branding, i.e. the new FIFA Theme used for all FIFA Official football events

Sports This Will Be Useful For:

All types of sports/events.

Estimated Track Length: 2-5 Minutes

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